Has as mission to understand, contribute to and succeed in a rapidly changing society, and thus make the world better and more fair place. our mission, based in an eclectic student-centered learning promotes the empowerment and inspiration to our students to be logic, critical, fair and free human beings and leaders for the world. We will ensure that our students develop all their skills and the competencies essential for success and leadership in the emerging creative world. We will also lead in generating practical and theoretical knowledge surrounding our students in a bilingual, multicultural and inegrative environment that enables people to better understand our world and improve conditions for local and global issues.




Liceo Británico de México, is committed to provide educational excellence. moreover, we will be in the following years a high quality education organization and as a pionner in the creation and promotion of pedagogic approches and educative strategies,focusing them on the human dimensions and life stages. Essentially, in the formation process of trustworthy, independent, and skilled beings, whom can understand the reality and set out different solutions based on the personal and social development of every member.




It is a school commited in learning construction, trying to beat the traditional teaching-learning process by inserting each one of the community members in a dynamic education system that strives in “learning for a good living”, without neglecting the humanistic character in the intellectual and social training of our students. the development of the technical and human skills in them is our priority

Liceo Británico de México A.C.

International Education

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