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Middle school and junior high school.


Middle school extends from 6th grade through 9th grade. It is a time when students must put to use the knowledge and skills mastered in elementary school. At this stage, students have moved beyond just learning the basics. They are faced with challenging new concepts and ideas.


The middle school curriculum includes many new subjects. Students take between nine and eleven different courses each year. Ranging from Art to Physics, Math to Languages, the program is demanding and requires serious commitment. Students are exposed to many subjects to achieve a balanced curriculum. Courses are taught through a global approach and subjects extend over several years. Each teacher understands that what is acquired at one grade level is used then as a building block for future classwork.


Subjects taught in middle school include French, German, Italian, Japanese and English Language Arts –taught at an advanced level (grammar, literature, creative writing, essay structure), Math, Tech & Skills, Physics & Chemistry, Biology & Geology, World History & Geography (taught in both languages), Civics, History, Visual Arts, Music and Physical Education. Beyond the languages of instruction, students study Spanish as a mother language.


In the junior high programme students are exposed to the sub categories within science, health, mathematics, social studies, English language arts, Japanese, art, music and physical education. Teachers also ensure that sudent technology skills are developed along with the subject specific skills in each subject area. English language arts provides students with opportunities to study specific genres of literature, such as poetry, short stories, novels and essays often using technology as a learning tool. Throughout the English programme speaking, listening, reading, writing, viewing, and representing skills are further developed.


Students self concept, personal expectations and intrinsic motivation are some of the most important indicators of student success at these grade levels. At LBM we ensure that student achievements are recognized, and shortcomings are identified and assisted. It is important to note that at the junior high grade level comparisons with other students will not be overstressed. Students are learning about their own strengths and are encouraged to focus on that, while recognizing areas that need to be constantly supported.



English Certification (cambridge)




Language Certifications:

French (DELF) - Alianza Francesa

German - Instituto Volkswagen

Italian- Dante Alighieri

Japanese - Instituto Mexicano Japonés



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