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We want our elementary students to be happy and engaged learners, who are eager to come to school, and to interact with friends and teachers from all around the world. Through our programmes we provide opportunities for students to develop understandings of essential concepts, skills, knowledge and attitudes that will enable them to be lifelong learners. Our students develop confidence in their abilities, think for themselves, question, express their opinions and respect the opinions of others. We value the development of the whole child in all areas of learning, and we support and nurture students in their social and emotional development as well as in their creative, linguistic, sporting and academic programmes.


At LBM, we consider learning to be a developmental process that changes our thinking and behaviors, enabling us to acquire skills, knowledge and attitudes while providing a catalyst for creativity, critical thinking and independent reasoning. We place a strong emphasis on how students learn as well as what they learn, and believe they learn best when they are actively involved in authentic learning engagements across all the curriculum areas. Students learn to reflect on their learning, becoming critical thinkers and develop an ability to take action. Our program is designed to prepare our students to become active, caring and thinking participants of a peaceful and sustainable future.

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